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Default Re: Watch where you step!!!

yep he was one of a kind it was always fun hunting with him
i laught so hard at him one day till tear was running down my face and my cheeks started hurt from laughing so long it was the first time he every ran into a armadillo he was standing on the armadillo it was rolled into a semi ball shape with dusty grabbing at it and slide off its back he would jump back on it back grab at it again and look at me as if he was say dude i cant grab what ever this thing is come help me he looked like a tap dancer grab grab grab stop look at me the start grabing again and looking to me for help
he done that for about 15 minutes after i got off the ground from rolling around from laughter i called him off of it and looked for more game
it was so funny i sure miss my little buddy
the avatar picture i have on here is my last falcon that was a deadly hunter
he would out fly dove and quail from the fist
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