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Default Re: Watch where you step!!!

hey shake and bake

yes it is a small place we live in and like your id said get you some shake & bake the chicken kind and that work great for rattlers too have not tryed the beef or fish on the rattler yet lol i have almost whipped them out on my property
let me tell you what happen to me 10 years ago i was hunting with a male harris hawk one of my best hunting bird anyway he saved my life we were hunting squirrels and i step over a huge fallen tree when i step over the tree i heard the thing buzzing like crazy when it started i knew right away what it was and i knew i was stuck stradling the big tree with a very peed off rattler just under the tree i didnt have my chapps on because it has been very cool for the last few day and i thought it was safe anyway i was a little over 2 miles in the wood behind my house and know if i moved i might get a very bad bite and that far from home would more and likey kill me so i called out for my fine feathered friend i started yelling ho ho ho but he was already in he tree about 20 feet from me bobing his head looking for where that noise was from suddenly he left the tree and came in like a rocket wings folded and hit the snake hard grabed it then pulled it from under the tree draged it a few feet then let it go i got the heck out of the way safely then dusty started his dance with the snake wing wide open like a bull fighter does his red cape i didnt have any kind of gun so i grabed a stick to beat the snake with but my little buddy done kill the snake so from now on i wear my chapps and will always thank god for giving me a tough little hunting bird
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