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Default columbia payloader questions

Ok, I think that the mystery vehicle is a Columbia Payloader but a rather older vintage. The wiring has been redone and dashboard switches have been replaced long ago. Is there anyway I can get a wiring diagram for the older versions of this 36 volt machine? On the picture I am attaching is the fuse holder which has 6 fuses, #1 is Headlights, #2 is another 12 volt line possibly the horn, #3 is the mystery, it attaches to the bottom of the fuse and the top of all three fuses go to a bar and then the bar is attached to the positive side of a battery. The Black wire you see loose with the blue terminal was attached to the bottom of the #3 fuse. It kept blowing fuse #3 when you turned on the main power switch until I disconnected it. Now it does not blow fuses but the cart will not go. Cart was running until it blew Fuse #4 and has not run since. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

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