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Andy4639 01-27-2007 04:15 PM

1971 Harley Cart..Pictures!
Bought a 1971 H/D I think :?:
Here is the S # 3B 18156 H1




Andy4639 01-28-2007 07:21 PM

Another Day
OK took the motor out, took carb off and all the electric components. Forward and Reverse are out everything is going to get a face lift.
What I can't buy new I'll try and reuse.
I plan to use all the 12 volt stuff I can from NAPA. Voltage regulator,solenoid cables I'll make mine own. I can have new S/S peices made at work. Plan on doing the Fiberglass work as well with help from Ryan my son. I gave him this cart yesterday so I'm helping him do it. Ha,Ha,Ha...


TheNewGuy 01-28-2007 07:46 PM

COOL!! I have a feeling it's going to look sweet when you guys are done. 8)

Andy4639 01-28-2007 09:05 PM

71 H/D
Thanks this is going to be a long process I think. I haven't tackeled a gas before so I'm going to be a little slow getting things to work I think, but my wife keeps telling me it will be OK. I have my doubts but hey it's going to be fun with Ryan helping.

spriddle 02-20-2007 07:47 AM

Wow, I missed this thread. What are your plans for this cart Andy? That is looks like a classic but also a lot of work. 8)

4x4 CC 02-20-2007 01:42 PM

make it have 4 wheels!!!

Andy4639 02-20-2007 03:17 PM

The plan is it's my son Ryan's cart. We are going stock back like it would have been in 1971. I have a guy going to sandblast it and have it powder coated the frame for us before we start back on it this spring. These old Harley's at the beach are cool. :wink: :-D

spriddle 02-20-2007 03:20 PM

Nice. My father in law has had a couple of them in Bowling Green he resold a couple of years ago. I was surprised that they were even still around. The one's he had actually ran pretty good and were in pretty good shape. He ran across them by putting an add in the local thrifty paper for free: wanted golf carts. :wink:

Andy4639 02-20-2007 03:29 PM

1971 Harley
I have been looking for stuff ever since I got it. $100.00 was what I payed for it. I found three this past weekend at the beach I may have to get all of them depending on what they want for them. They may just give me them to, who know's. :wink: :-D

Andy4639 02-24-2007 03:15 PM

More Work
Well it's 60 here today and Ryan & me worked on the Harley a little. Got the steering bar off and the rear body is loose. I have to get the front chrome rail off and it will be ready for blasting & Poweder coating. I bought one of the cheap gear puller's at Advance Auto with a few hammer hits with the puller pressure it came right off.
This is one of those slow progress jobs but when done it will be like new again I hope. Can any one tell me how the bar in front is attached other than the middle bot to the handle bars and the bolts on each side of the cart underneath it.


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