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boondockpa 02-05-2018 03:38 PM

kf82 hesitation problems after full rebuild
First i'm sorry if i did this wrong. I'm having problems with my '91 cc ds gas kf82. I sent it out to get rebuilt since i'm never done this kind of motor before. It was knocking bad and burning oil, so i got everything, crank, connecting rod, .050 piston and rings, valves, springs, bearings, new balancer gear, new cam and gear. Also got new carb, plug, air filter, fuel pump, and filter. Spent a ton load in parts. Its being a real pain now, hard starting, anything over 1/4 throttle it bogs real bad till about 3/4 throttle. Occasionally when starting cold with the choke it back fires through the carb to. I noticed when you push the throttle quickly from idle it spits fuel out the neck of the carb. Also doesnt seen like it doesnt have much power, i mean my '86 36volt cart with 22's will out pull it on the hills. I'm at a lose, could it be the timing isnt set right, could it need a bigger jet???? it does this with the old carb and the new one. I did recheck the float and im getting around 100 psi compression. its driving me crazy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.:help:

Springbok 02-06-2018 05:41 AM

Re: kf82 hesitation problems after full rebuild
Have you taken this issue up with your rebuilder? Did you reinstall the motor or did the shop who did the work reinstall it? Timing could be off, but I would think that a good rebuilder would not have made that mistake (all you have to do is make sure the two marks on the crank and cam gears match up).

Maybe to start you could post a photo of your motor so we can see how all your hoses are hooked up, to see if they're all in the right places. Or anything else that seems amiss at first glance.

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