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Rosey1017 03-24-2021 04:50 AM

Engine upgrade
I have a club car xrt 950 4x4 14 hp Briggs I know a 16 will bolt right in.What I am wondering is has anyone ever put a 23 hp in and what changes are needed?:?looking for more power

crash12888 03-24-2021 06:57 AM

Re: Engine upgrade
Do some surfing around the "big block" section here, you will be amazed!!

slonomo 03-24-2021 07:04 AM

Re: Engine upgrade
I'm not familiar with that cart, but I've done several Briggs big block installs. I also am currently running the Predator 670.

Here's a thread that goes over the basics:

The most difficult part for you will be making the engine mount plate. It might be similar to some other Club Car models, but you'd have to investigate that. I used an Ezgo mount in my Yamaha G1, it's kindof a universal mount.

slonomo 03-24-2021 07:06 AM

Re: Engine upgrade
The answers to your questions will be the same in all 3 threads you have about this. :lhmo: :thumbup:

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