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ktwist128 03-27-2012 06:05 PM

2008 Club Car precedent vs. 2008 ezgo pds
I am going to buy either a 2008 Club car precedent (with 4-12 vlt batteries) or a 2008 ezgo pds (6-6 vlt batteries). I plan on lifting it and adding bigger tires. I like the speed of the club car as well as the aluminum frame. I also like how the charge meter comes on the cart. However, I like the body of the ezgo better as well as the more spacious seating. Can anyone shed some advice on picking a good cart?

kgsc 03-27-2012 07:55 PM

Re: 2008 Club Car precedent vs. 2008 ezgo pds
How many hours you got ?? :lhmo::lhmo:

Both are good rides but with both plan on changing the controller if you plan on the larger tires. Neither like it for long. Just the nature of the motors in those. I'm more of an EZ-Go guy so not sure about aftermarket part availabilty for the CC but there are thousands of them out there for the EZ. Also, I believe parts tend to be a bit higher for the CC, at least in the lift category.

my 2 cents

JohnnieB 03-28-2012 08:25 AM

Re: 2008 Club Car precedent vs. 2008 ezgo pds
Full disclosure: I'm biased towards the 2008 TXT PDS because I have one. :mrgreen:

If you plan on doing your own maintenance, check out the stickies in both the Electric EZGO and Electric Club Car forums here.

You can find the Owner, Service and Parts manuals for the EZGO, plus other info needed to repair an EZGO, but next to nothing for a Club Car.

Personally, I believe the EZGO is easier to troubleshoot and repair because it is a less complex design, which also gives you a wider set of choices when upgrading.

If you don't plan to DIY, both will fit on the same sized trailers when you have to haul them in to your local cart shop.

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