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geaver1 04-08-2013 09:50 PM

36 Volt DCS TXT Charge Issue??
After a few months of restoring my cart, (Top to bottom), Not sure why, but my charger, when I plugged it in, didn't click on. Before I pulled the batteries out a couple of months ago I charged them. State of charge indicater, today, after putting batteries back in the cart shows a "full charge"; again, Powerwise unit didn't click on nor did it not "beep" when I pulled out the cord from the cart. Any thoughts on this?


JohnnieB 04-09-2013 05:54 AM

Re: 36 Volt DCS TXT Charge Issue??
What is the actual battery pack voltage?

After sitting for "a couple of months", the batteries may have self discharged below the voltage required for the charger to turn on.
Or it could be a bad connection between the Auxiliary contact in the charger's plug and the outside of the negative radsok in the cart's receptacle.

If you have a LED bar-graph type battery meter, it probably "Re-calibrated" 100% SoC to be whatever the pack voltage was when it was reconnected.

Which Powerwise charger do you have? (Transformer type or QE)

What is this beep you speak of?

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