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wareagle11949 07-07-2014 08:18 AM

Craziest thing..brake light
dimly glow all the time. I have tried disconnecting the power source (batteries) and they still glow. They are aftermarket led lights. Something somewhere has to be holding a small charge. Any ideas?

Stevegrmich 07-07-2014 08:25 AM

Re: Craziest thing..brake light
. . . are they grounded to frame or to negative side of battery pack?

wareagle11949 07-07-2014 09:02 AM

Re: Craziest thing..brake light
Negative side of battery pack via a 12 volt distribution panel. They continue to glow even with both + and - disconnected on battery pack.

mrgolf 07-07-2014 09:21 AM

Re: Craziest thing..brake light
If you disconnect both wires and jumper the two contacts together they should go out. However there is no need to do so. They should go out when unhooked after a period of time. They likely have a capacitor in them to regulate the output.

mymonstertruck 07-07-2014 04:55 PM

Re: Craziest thing..brake light
Do you have a accessory battery for radio, lights ext wired into the panel as well ?

wareagle11949 07-07-2014 09:04 PM

Re: Craziest thing..brake light
No, there is no extra battery. As someone said, there almost has to be a capacitor somewhere that the tail lights are feeding off of.

93yellowclubcar 07-07-2014 10:36 PM

Re: Craziest thing..brake light
If they're LEDs they may just glow dimly. I have some LED bulbs in my Envoy dome lights that sometimes glow dimly, even with all power off, and I've been told it is normal. I have been told a resistor in line would cure it, but the glow doesn't bother me enough since it is very dim.

Stevegrmich 07-08-2014 06:34 AM

Re: Craziest thing..brake light
. . . Google LED lamp afterglow . . . it is a common issue in both 12v DC and 120v AC applications . . .

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