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jn8306 05-22-2021 07:49 AM

G2 Ignitor - Chrysler Replacement
Hello. I am new to this forum, and noticed you had some idea on how to modify a Chrysler ignitor to use in the Yamaha G2 golf car. I just purchased one, and it purrs like a kitten now (took it to a great shop that tuned it) and he told me that the ignitor is bad. Lose power uphill and bogs down. Would you mind sharing with me what is required to install the Chrysler one, or at least direct me to a link? I would love to try this. Thank you in advance.

CP241 05-22-2021 07:55 AM

Re: G2 Ignitor - Chrysler Replacement
I responded to your last post. If the cart purrs like a kitten the ignitor is not bad. When they go bad the cart won’t run. Why do you think the ignitor is bad?

jn8306 05-22-2021 08:02 AM

Re: G2 Ignitor - Chrysler Replacement
The guy who works on our carts told us. We have a G2 and a G9, and he has had his business for many years so I trust him. He explained that these G2 ignitors are hard to find (they really are) and it will cause power robbing when under load. Cart is great with only one person on it, and if we try going up hill, it kicks and sputters and will lose speed. Action reminds me of the timing being off on my old 71 Skylark.

CP241 05-22-2021 08:25 AM

Re: G2 Ignitor - Chrysler Replacement
I really don’t believe you have a bad ignitor. But here’s the link anyway, skip to page 3

What kind of compression does the motor have?
Was valve lash checked?
What kind of condition are the clutches and belt in? Were they checked by your guy?
What model/brand spark plug is installed?
Does it have a stock carb or aftermarket?
Is the oem airbox complete and is the lid completely sealed on the airbox?

Usually lack of power up hills or with additional weight leads to a clutch or belt problem. But could be low power from a worn 30+ year old engine. Likely with 30+ year old clutches. Just because it bogs down doesn’t necessarily point to an engine problem if clutches aren’t working right. Take a manual transmission car and try to go up a steep hill in 5th gear at 30mph. Same idea.

jn8306 05-22-2021 08:34 AM

Re: G2 Ignitor - Chrysler Replacement
All of the pieces that you mention were gone over and it is stock. There was one part he showed me from the rear axle (not sure what it was) but was chewed up. If this thing was not in the condition it is, I would just cut my losses, but it really seems like spark advance. I will not get up North to try this until late June, but wanted to do a little homework in advance. I will let you know if this has any effect regardless, in case it is helpful in the future. Look forward to talking to you and thank you for the information.

CP241 05-22-2021 08:39 AM

Re: G2 Ignitor - Chrysler Replacement
The chewed up part on the rear axle is likely the clutch ramps. Which will cause zero power up hills or under a load. Just sayin’...

Good luck :)

jn8306 05-22-2021 08:42 AM

Re: G2 Ignitor - Chrysler Replacement
One quick question. The diagram is for a G9. Will this work as well with a G2? Seems like the G2 has more wires in the connector.

CP241 05-22-2021 09:53 AM

Re: G2 Ignitor - Chrysler Replacement
The only open wires you “need” are the white/red and white/black from the pickup coil. The rest I ran on my own as the previous owner of my cart had cut off the oem connector.

I’d recommend doing the same so you can put the oem ignitor back in if it doesn’t solve your problem.

jn8306 09-14-2021 05:27 PM

Re: G2 Ignitor - Chrysler Replacement
Hi. I finally was able to work on this issue and when I unplugged the connector to the ignitor I found a broken wire and connector. Well, to make a long story short, I have a racing golf cart. And according to the wiring diagrams I found per the colors, this is a G1 not a G2. In any event I wanted to thank you for your assistance. Have a great day!

Sleezy81 09-20-2021 07:50 AM

Re: G2 Ignitor - Chrysler Replacement
It sounds to me like you have a bad secondary clutch. I just finished a replacing mine twice. Do NOT use the red spring that comes with the new kit. Reinstall the OEM spring.

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